Produce surveys

Fresh Produce Inspections offers independent surveys throughout the UK. We are frequently nominated as Lead Surveyors, this involves managing and supervising surveys and pro-actively responding to new survey requests.

We understand the importance of providing detailed surveys for our clients, to achieve this we thoroughly cover the following key areas:

  • Establish and identify the relevant facts of the case
  • Retrieve supporting documentation
  • Record and report on our independent survey findings, this includes a preliminary report and/or a full survey report
  • Provide an extensive set of survey photographs
  • Arranging laboratory testing and incorporate the test results into our report
  • Support with potential salvage to pro-actively aid in mitigation cases

We continuously update our clients with the survey progress and deliver timely reports to enable the appropriate course of action to be taken, avoiding further disruption and minimising loss.

Quality Assessments

Fresh Produce Inspections have a wide range of industry knowledge and experience in undertaking quality assessments. We support all of our client’s requirements.

  • Undertake quality inspections following discharge from the vessel at all UK ports
  • Vast experience in marine cargo surveys; vessel discharges, stowage configurations and logistical operations
  • Ascertain if the product meets the required customer specification
  • Undertaking of various methods of analysis
  • Provide an independent assessment, issue the quality report together with supporting photographs
  • Industry expert in banana imports

Technical Services

Over 15 years experience supporting technical functions, varying from small farms to large UK importers and packers. This includes technical account management with major retailers in the UK. With proven technical management, training and auditor skills, within the fresh produce industry. Fresh Produce are able to support your business with a wide range of technical expertise.

Covering technical aspects such as:

  • Auditing in line with BRC Food Safety Standard and retailer issued policies and procedures– offering from a day’s internal systems audit, GAP analysis to full QMS creation.
  • HACCP & Internal Auditing Training.
  • Technical management, we offer short term cover, supplier visits, third party audits, due diligence co-ordination, specification maintenance, customer portal maintenance and artwork approvals ETC.
  • Technical trials and project work.


  • BRC Lead Auditor
  • HACCP Level 3
  • Supervising Food Safety in Manufacturing Level 3

We aim to provide a competitive and professional, efficient, reliable service; putting clients’ needs first and foremost.

Consultancy & training

Fresh Produce Inspections are industry providers of bespoke quality training. With practical experience gained in this sector we appreciate the importance of having fully trained, motivated and inspired employees. By providing the appropriate training we can educate your very valuable quality assessors with the knowledge they need in order to learn, question and flourish.

The following subject areas can be tailored made into a training course/seminar;

  • Product physiology
  • Post-harvest diseases
  • Identification of pre and post-harvest disorders
  • Claim prevention
  • Respiration rates and temperature guidance
  • Mitigation

Claims Handling & Recovery

Our team have a wide array of knowledge and are highly experienced in the field of Cargo Liability Law. Expertise covering the entire claims handling chain, from entry to effecting payments.